Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Locus dedicates "You Are Not Alone" to the residents of Japan

Locus would like to dedicate their single "You Are Not Alone," as well as their thoughts and prayers, to the residents of Japan during this difficult time. All proceeds from the iTunes sales of the single will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross to support ongoing relief efforts.

Both the single and album are available for purchase on iTunes.

Fans can also stream and download an edited version of the single via SoundCloud.

Written by Kaila So/Jason Chu/Kelvin Chu
Kaila: All vocals
Jason: Keyboards, programming
Released Dec 26, 2010
ISRC: us-hm9-10-93994

You Are Not Alone (Single Edit) by wearelocus

Monday, March 7, 2011

他們不明白 (They Don't Understand)

他們不明白 (They Don't Understand) is the third and final single from Vancouver pop band Locus' 2010 self-titled album. The song is the first mandarin language single to be lifted from the album, and was composed by band member Jason Chu along with lyricist 曰云@sense (Anita Chung), who previously contributed lyrics for the group's 2009 studio effort, Ambrosia. 他們不明白, originally an English language track (Eyes of Grey), was subsequently re-written as a duet between Locus' Kaila So and 曰云 and deals with topics of homophobia and gay rights.

The original version of the song, as well as the album itself can be purchased on iTunes.

Locus - 他們不明白 (They Don't Understand) - feat. 曰云@sense by wearelocus

他們不明白 (國語) [They Don't Understand]
Music: Jason Chu
Lyrics: 曰云@sense
Released: March  8th, 2011
ISRC: us-hm9-10-93999
© Locus, 曰云@sense, 2010

Produced by Jason & Kelvin Chu
Kaila: vocals, vocal production
曰云@sense: vocals
Kelvin: acoustic & electric guitars, programming
Jason: keyboards, additional programming, vocal production

壞的權力 假的罪名 血染的詩 喧囂的暴力
圍繞著我們的愛情 讓我們窒息
Dark power...faulty accusations...poems stained with blood...noisy violence...
surrounding our love, making us suffocate

他們依靠我們的眼涙 為了洗濯可悲的愚昧
因為害怕所以防備 這就是人類
They rely on our tears to wash away their pathetic ignorance
holding guard because they're scared...that is human

「蠻荒年代直到現在 飛上月球看到未來
歪曲的恨卻依然存在 多少年來沒有明白...不曾明白」
From the era of savages until today, flying to the moon and looking into the future
The distorted hatred is still here, so many years and they still don't understand...

不能改變整個宇宙 不能控制愛的念頭
綑綁我們卻同時反鎖 他們的自由
They can't change the universe, they can't control the thoughts of love
they tie us up but at the same time they're locking up their own freedom


蠻荒年代直到現在 飛上月球看到未來
遼闊的天狹窄的胸懷 世界還有甚麼未來
From the era of savages until today, flying to the moon and looking into the future
The sky is broad but people are narrow-minded, how can there be a future in our world?

不求甚麼掌聲喝采 只因為愛所以戀愛
我們的愛一直都存在 還在等待一份尊重 一份明白
We don't ask for applauses and cheers, we only love because of love
our love still exists, and we're still waiting for respect and understanding

後記 (Notes):
We don't need to hurt others to protect ourselves.
We don't need to judge others to prove ourselves right.
We are who we are...why can't we let people be who they are?